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Spreadsheet Automation

Spreadsheet Automation

What That Numbers Guy does not know about excel spreadsheets is probably not worth knowing!

Combining an unhealthy depth of knowledge (the word geek has been used before, but enthusiast is preferable) with real-world experience and the ability to apply the knowledge for practical and useful benefit, That Numbers Guy can help you to use spreadsheets to refine your business processes and save time.

Using VBA macros, time consuming and repetitive processes can be automated meaning that tasks that previously took several hours or just didn’t get done at all, can be simplified, automated and reduced to quick and simple tasks.

In short, if you find yourself repeatedly wasting time performing the same routine tasks in a spreadsheet then That Numbers Guy can simplify this and free up your time.

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truck fleet
Example 1

A large haulier combined weekly departmental management accounts submitted by spreadsheet by cutting and pasting submissions into a central master reporting sheet with the process typically taking four or five hours a day. Using VBA macros this process was automated to cycle through the ten departmental submissions to extract the relevant information to the master sheet, reducing the processing time to around 15 minutes per week.

cup of coffee
Example 2

The local franchise of a well know chain of coffee shops received weekly timesheets from a dozen stores summarising employee hours worked each day. They required a method of extracting the weekly totals from each store sheet and combining these into a single sheet to be passed to their payroll processor. This had previously been performed manually and was time consuming and open to human error. The solution cycled through the sheets extracting the information as required and also built in additional checks for duplicates and errors.

paper aeroplanes in flight
Example 3

An airline carrier received information from their reporting system for analysis. The system generated reports were not user friendly, containing many formatting and spacing problems that had to be corrected before the data could be analysed. The reformatting process was repetitive and time consuming before it was simplified with a simple macro routine.

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If you need access to finance and accounting experience, don’t want or need to employ a full-time accountant and can’t afford to pay accountancy firm charge-out rates then That Numbers Guy is the one for you.