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Management Accounts & Reporting

Management Accounts & Reporting

That Numbers Guy can work with you on a monthly basis to help you report on your business financial performance.

Of course, cash is king, and this is a crucial number to keep an eye on, but it rarely tells the whole story….

Monthly accounts give up to date reporting so that you can see how well business is performing compared to your budget or previous years and allow you to make decisions on a better informed basis. So for example;

  • A particular geographical area, product or service is performing well (or badly): you can capitalise on this (or address the issue) quickly
  • A product margin is lower than expected; maybe you can squeeze a supplier or look for an alternative source
  • Your overheads have increased on last year; analysing costs line by line could identify saving potential, or
  • Profitability is good but cashflow hasn’t improved; maybe a major customer is paying too slowly and needs

Many accounts packages will provide reporting information, but this is rarely in a format which is relevant to your business or useful for month on month comparisons.

That Numbers Guy can work with you to set up a bespoke management reporting system to give you the information that you need to help you run the business.

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Example 1

Monthly reporting for a small batch vehicle manufacturer, analysing costs each vehicle and across different areas of the vehicle (engine, gearbox, and so on).

Example 2

Management accounts for an event organiser analysing costs by category (accommodation, travel, expenses etc); further analysed by sub-type (flight, train, car hire, etc) and analysed by event; enabling an individual event P&L and detailed drill of costs.

truck fleet
Example 3

Weekly reporting of haulage journey times analysed across a large fleet of vehicles allowing analysis across a large range of factors, including customer, pick up location, drop off destination, carrying vehicle, driver and so on.

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If you need access to finance and accounting experience, don’t want or need to employ a full-time accountant and can’t afford to pay accountancy firm charge-out rates then That Numbers Guy is the one for you.