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Financial Modelling

Financial Modelling

That Numbers Guy can work with you to develop a bespoke financial model for your business. Identifying the key business drivers and variables, and working with excel will produce a robust model that lets you consider the what-ifs.

Consider the following;
  • Have you ever wondered how a 10% increase in sales of your product A will increase your bottom line? Straight forward enough to work out……
  • But to achieve this, your price needs to come down reducing your profit margin by 1%. A bit more complicated but you can do that one too.
  • ….. and you will need an extra sales-person to manage the increase; does their salary still leave you in profit?
  • Your main customer now feels a bit more important and wants extended credit terms; what does that do to your cashflow? If you can squeeze some extra days out of your supplier will that help?
  • What about if we could hit 15% on product A for a further reduction in margin? Worth doing?
  • What about Service B? That has potential too – should we concentrate on that instead?
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A financial model can be used for everyday business planning, forecasting and decision making; or maybe you need additional finance, the cashflow projections can demonstrate debt serviceability and help support your business case to the lender.

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Example 1

A full five year, monthly P&L, balance sheet and cashflow prepared for a landlord of multiple properties; looking at the impact of changes in occupancy, rent levels and tenancy and increasing operating costs, with a simple inputs dashboard to consider alternative scenarios.

legal scales
Example 2

A one year monthly model considering forecast income and expenditure of a legal services start-up practice; assessing variables such as fee income, staff costs and overheads.

financial projection
Example 3

Three year projections for a provider of property management services, considering variations in management costs with the addition of multiple sites and assessing break-even fee levels to assist with pricing decisions.

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If you need access to finance and accounting experience, don’t want or need to employ a full-time accountant and can’t afford to pay accountancy firm charge-out rates then That Numbers Guy is the one for you.