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Digital Marketing Advice

Digital Marketing Advice

That Numbers Guy has some useful tools to help you understand the success of your digital marketing campaigns.

Google Analytics allows you to monitor and analyse your web-site traffic so that you understand more about visitors to your web-site:

  • How many are first time visitors, how many are repeat visitors, where are they from
  • Which page are they landing on, what do they do once on the site and how long do they spend there, and
  • How they find the site, which referral routes are generating the most traffic, and how good is the quality of that traffic.
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google analytics
Google Analytics

The level of detail and information available through Google Analytics is incredible, but this in itself can make reporting on a useful basis difficult. That Numbers Guy can help you get to the information you want in a customised report specific to your business – delivered on a weekly or monthly basis as needed.

google ads
Google Ads

If you spend money on pay per click campaigns through Google Ads then again there are reporting tools to help you analyse your spend and determine whether you are getting value for your money. The Google Ads reporting interface is not particularly user friendly, so if you want to see bespoke information on impressions, clicks, cost per click, page rank and market share on a weekly or monthly basis at an account level or split by campaign then That Numbers Guy can set this up for you.

facebook insights
Facebook Insights & Ads

Facebook Analytics and Facebook Ads reporting are also a speciality of That Numbers Guy. Facebook is an increasingly important marketing tool for businesses and That Numbers Guy can offer the same reporting tools for your Facebook page and paid marketing campaigns as those for your web-site.

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