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Business Plan Preparation

Business Plan Preparation

That Numbers Guy can work with you to put together a comprehensive business plan for your business or business idea.

A business plan is a document that describes your business; covering areas such as aims and objectives, current and future activities, competitive forces, sales and marketing activities and financial performance and forecasts.

There are many situations where a business plan can be useful:
  • Maybe you are looking to clarify your own thoughts and ideas; putting everything down in a written document can help you spot opportunities and risks as well as giving you targets
  • Maybe you are looking to arrange additional finance or attract investment – a potential funder will expect to see a well written business plan so that they can understand your business and the associated risks
  • Perhaps you are a member of a regulatory or trade body which requires you to demonstrate an assessment of your business and the associated risks, or
  • In some cases customers, suppliers or potential employees might need a little convincing to support you; a business plan is a great way to do this.
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Example 1

Preparation of comprehensive plan for a plumbing products business (boilers, radiators, sanitary-ware) looking to support a management buy-out with funding required from venture capital and bank sources.

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Example 2

A business plan document prepared for a 15 employee, professional services provider looking to document their current and planned activities as part of their annual planning process and to demonstrate compliance to their regulatory body.

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Example 3

An information memorandum document summarising the activities, competitive environment, financial projections of an IT services business seeking investment from potential investors and finance facilities from financial institutions.

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