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All business owners juggle many roles every day – sales, marketing, operations, finance, HR – the list could go on. A numbers guy (or girl) to keep an eye on the figures; measure performance; identify areas of success and opportunity; help plan and forecast for the future would be a great resource but are you ready to commit to someone in that role full-time? That Numbers Guy gives you access to that expertise on a flexible basis and your terms.

About That Numbers Guy

When he’s not preparing your business plan, building up your financial model or simplifying your unnecessary spreadsheet processing, That Numbers Guy is otherwise known as Paul McKnespiey.

After a misspent youth, gaining a degree in Statistics and then a PhD from Newcastle University, That Numbers Guy eventually realised that such levels of mathematical excitement were not humanly sustainable forever and joined a big four accountancy firm.

Paul spent the next three years in audit, assessing the financial systems and records of companies large and small across the north of England, and the Chartered Accountancy qualification from ICAEW was gained. From there a two year spell in corporate finance followed providing experience in business finance raising, management buy-outs and company sales. A love of spreadsheets, financial modelling, financial projections and business plans was born putting Paul on the early steps of the path to becoming That Numbers Guy.

The call of the lakes and fells brought That Numbers Guy back to his native Cumbria in 2001. Despite his youthful appearance, many years have since passed in which That Numbers Guy has held Financial Controller / Director roles in a number of high profile local businesses.


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Why Me?

Access to knowledge, skills and experience gained across a range of sectors in businesses of different sizes, without large firm charge-out rates or the commitment of a full time accountant.

That Numbers Guy has connections within most of the Cumbrian accountancy practices and is happy to work alongside your retained firm, leaving them to look after your bookkeeping, accounts preparation and tax computations, and helping you in the areas where they do not specialise or do not have the time / resource to assist.

  • Management Accounts

  • Financial Modelling

  • Digital Marketing Reports

  • Ad-hoc Project Work

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If you need access to finance and accounting experience, don’t want or need to employ a full-time accountant and can’t afford to pay accountancy firm charge-out rates then That Numbers Guy is the one for you.